Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wasch Centrem

After a triumphant concert in Hamburg last night, the orchestra piled on to a train for the ride to Essen. One week left on this tour and laundry is now becoming a critical issue.

Now I sit in the elegant “Wasch Centrem” with some colleagues, having found this place with the assistance of a friendly cabbie who spoke no English but who finally understood what we were looking for after a stunning array of hand signals. How fortunate that we have run in to an Australian national who can tell us how to use these machines all marked in German. I never thought I would be so pleased to see a simple Laundromat but when it costs 7 dollars to wash a single undershirt at the hotel: you’d be thrilled too.

The hotel here in Essen is the absolute opposite of the one we stayed at in Hamburg. This one is circa Sean Connery era of Bond movies whereas the one in Hamburg was straight out of MOMA – as in Museum of Modern Art. We loved it there and soaked up as much of the cool stainless steel fixtures and giant flat screen TV’s as we could before departure this morning. Here in Essen, perhaps a few too many cigarettes have been smoked in my room but that’s okay – the Grand Hyatt beckons from our next stop: mighty Berlin.


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