Monday, August 21, 2006

Preparing for the first flight

Today is the day we depart for Europe, flying from Philadelphia to Frankfurt. Preparations for this first long flight have changed quite a bit since the news about the British based terrorist arrests came out a few weeks ago. Musicians are already used to dealing with varying levels of accomodation for our unique and valuable instruments, but these new security measures and the orange alert level are a new thing altogether. Flying as part of a large and well-travelled group certainly makes things much easier than if one is all alone, though.

I have my own personal worries about how my five month old baby Rosalie will handle the trip, especially the takeoffs and landings. I've heard that feeding her while the plane changes altitudes is the best way to lessen the discomfort on her little ears. The TSA does allow "small amounts" of milk or formula. Other than the long flights and disruption of her schedule, my husband Tom and I are really looking forward to experiencing this European tour with her.


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