Monday, August 28, 2006

Greetings from Lucerne!

Last evening's concert at the famed Lucerne Festival in Switzerland was full of excitement. The concert hall is situated very beautifully on the edge of the lake, surrounded by mountains. Some of our group chose to stay atop one of the mountains in a resort area, but having done that several times on previous trips, I elected to stay right in town at a very elegant hotel a few minutes walk from the concert hall.

All along the scenic walk along the edge of the lake towards the hall, audience members were arriving in droves and were dressed in elegant formal attire. There were several groups of street musicians and actors that made the short walk very entertaining.

The hall appeared to be sold out, even with ticket prices at $250 per person! The Beethoven Symphonies #1 and #7 sandwiched a dramatic performance of Pintscher Herodiade Fragments which featured the singer Marislo Montalvo. Pintscher himself was in attendance as he is composer in residence for the festival. There was rousing ovation at the end of the concert so we performed as an encore, The Prometheus Overture by Beethoven.

It was fun to visit with the group of "tourists" (many of our loyal followers and board members) They commented on the excitement and thrill of hearing their great orchestra play and be received so warmly in Europe. Being a Philly Orchestra tour groupie is something to consider for your next vacation!

All the best,Gloria dePasquale, 'cellist


At 8:36 PM, Blogger Mercedes Jurkiewicz said...

I would love more than anything to be a groupie!
I love all of you and the Phila orchestra- I grew up with the DePasquale string quartet-heard them hundreds of times-remember every one
Mercedes Jurkiewicz
mother of 5- including triplets- talented string players!


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